Texas Hold’em, the most popular poker variant, which is played by millions and is considered as a major sport, originated in Texas at the beginning of the 19 century. It was played by cattlemen at ranches across the country before reaching to the main public of poker players. These cattlemen were used to play Seven Stud Card, which was very popular during that time among the simple folk of the open spaces of Taxes. Seven Stud Poker, which was played with a single card-deck, limited the numbers of players that could participate in each round, which means that when more than eight players were present the game was impossible to conduct.

But as happen in the open spaces of taxes, sometimes more than eight cattlemen gather around. There’s an old legend about one windy and cold night when ten cattlemen gathered in an old broken and deserted ranch on the open plains of Texas. They had a card deck, nothing more than that to entertain themselves before the stormy night would pass them and they would get back on the road. And so, without enough cards to play Seven Stud Card the history of Texas hold’em begins.

The group of cattlemen decided to use five cards as community cards and each other received two more cards. Each man could use his two cards and any three cards combination from the community cards. That’s how Texas Hold’em was born on the plains of Texas.

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