There is no real strategy for poker, and even more there isn’t any Texas Holdem strategy that might work in all cases. The huge number of hands combination is gigantic, which leaves little space for consecutive strategy to be used in a live game. MIT’s huge super-computers have yet determined the exact number of strategies for each Texas Holdem hand combination.

With that in mind we can move on to the only useful tool available for poker players –Betting systems. You’d be surprise to know that to only crucial difference between the average Texas Holdem player and the professional player is that one of them knows how much to bet.

Betting systems are used in order to save small amounts of money each time you win, it’s just like a saving account that you use during a live Texas Hold’em session. Let’s say you started your game, you placed a bet of $15 and won the pot, which held $40. Now you have to put 10%-20% of your profit aside. Your net profit was $25, which means that you put aside $2.5-$5, and you don’t touch this money.

If you reach a point you can’t play without placing your “saving account” money, then it’s time to quit playing. This betting system is very effective and it helps most Texas Hold’em to increase their bankroll in a session of 3-4 hours. “The hard bit wasn’t winning the money – the hard bit was getting out with it” said Dave Uliott, winner of the WSOP. Learn from him what took him more than 20 years to master.

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