Slot machines with 3, 4, 5 or 6 reels with symbols are at your disposal. The characteristic lever on the side of the game device is still available today in many online casinos, although now also the rollers are set in motion by pressing a button. Minimum bet is usually 25 cents for the slot machines.

You decide how much you want to use and then click on “play”. The rollers rotate and stop gradually.

Important with the roller devices are the “Paylines”. These 1-6 paylines are relevant to each payout. How much you can get for your bet is shown on the win plan of the device. Attention: For some payouts or even “jackpots” just over 25 cents are required.

Progressive Jackpots
Would you like to win thousands, even millions, with a few hundred euros? Here you go! The large jackpot systems of the online casinos offer you the chance to earn a pretty little sum with little money. In these Jackpotanlagen several machines are combined. A certain percentage of the money spent on these special machines comes in the jackpot. In our section “Special casinos”, you can have a look at a few jackpots with the associated jackpots. It makes playing really fun.

Important note: Pay attention to the respective minimum and maximum bets and always look at the rules of the respective online casino. There may be differences.

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