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Proposed Casino Site in Las Vegas Up For Sale

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Crown Ltd. had big plans for the site. The plans were canceled, however, after the equity that was asked by the lenders, was not secured.

The project has not yet completely been scrapped. The development team, which includes Capital Management and Texas developer Christopher Milam, are still searching for ways to come up with the equity needed.

The casino complex was going to be a spectacle for Las Vegas to see. It was to include the tallest tower in Vegas. There also was plans for a 5,000 room hotel.

Las Vegas has been undergoing various changes. This one, however, looks as though it will need some help to get off the ground.

Alcohol Sales Could Be Coming To Meskwaki Casino Soon

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Many people associate alcohol with gambling. The two have run hand and hand for decades. It is almost inconceivable that there could be a gambling casino without alcohol.

That is the case in a casino in Iowa. The Meskwaki Bingo Casino Hotel does not sell alcohol. It is the only casino in the state of Iowa currently that does not allow the sales.

That may soon be changing. The casino is facing increased competition from other casinos in the state. There are nineteen other casinos in Iowa, and they are taking money out of the pockets of Meskwaki tribal members.

Last year, a vote was taken to allow alcohol sales, but the proposal was defeated by a margin of 166-143. Although it was defeated, the issue will be re-examined again when a vote is taken again on Tuesday.

The Meskwaki settlement has never had alcohol sold on it. While there is a need for the alcohol sales to build profits for the casino, the plan does have its opponents. Social and health problems are sited for not wanting the law changed.

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