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Poker Machine Freeze To Help Problem Gambling In Queensland

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“Poker gambling machines can be found with much more ease these days in many countries than twenty years ago. Queensland, Australia has seen the amount of machines grow to record numbers.

The Queensland government has now put their foot down in dealing with these poker machines. They have put a freeze on any new machines for a period that should be the next two years.

The government is placing this cap on the machines to ensure that a disturbing figure is lowered. Queensland has more poker machines per person than any other state in Australia.

The freeze will specifically hurt clubs that have been waiting for approval of applications they have put in to receive more poker machines. It will also effect the gambling business in the immediate future.

“It’s going to have quite a severe impact on the clubs that have put in applications,” said Penny Wilson, Club Queensland Chief Executive.

Problem gambling was one of the targets with the new ruling. The government that by slowing down the growth of gambling, less people may be exposed to problem gambling.

Kansas Casino Hopefuls To Present To Lottery Commission In May

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The state of Kansas is on their way towards expanded gambling. The legislature in the state has already passed a gambling act that would allow for four additional casino locations throughout the state.

Opposition has filed a suit with the state Supreme Court. No decision has been made as of yet on the constitutional challenge, but that has not stopped the process of expanding gambling from moving forward.

The Kansas Lottery Commission has announced that they will be hearing the proposals of five developers looking to build casinos in Wyandotte County. The presentations will be held May 19th and 20th.

Two other proposals will also be heard those days, but not for Wyandotte. they will be for two of the other zones that will receive expanded casino gambling.

Most of the proposals that are left for Wyandotte are on the high end. They range from $650 million to $777 million. All of the proposals have received the necessary local endorsements that were required in the process.

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