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Powerball Lottery Reaches Reaches $275 Million For Saturday Draw

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Many states will be experiencing long lines at lottery retailers this weekend. The Powerball Lottery jackpot in has grown to $275 million.

Most of the time when lottery jackpots get up into the hundreds of million dollar ranges, they are multi state lotteries in which people from different states all compete for the grand prize. That is once again the case.

Once in a while, a lottery game has people that are so unlucky that they cannot hit the jackpot, and that creates more and more players with every passing draw that there is no winner.

In the United States, the Powerball Lottery has gone almost two full months since the last time somebody won. January 19th was the start of the most recent jackpot. It started at $15 million and has now grown to $275 million.

If nobody matches the winning numbers in Saturday’s draw, the figure will begin to climb towards the biggest jackpot in the game’s history. As it stands now, if someone does win this weekend, it would go down as the seventh biggest ever.

The Powerball Lottery game is played in twenty nine states. There have been seventeen drawings since the last time somebody won the grand prize.

North Dakota State Racing Commission Could Be Headed For Doom

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North Dakota lawmakers feel they have seen enough of the problems that are taking place within the state Racing Commission. They have issued a threat to clean up their act, or risk being abolished.

There has been much fighting going on between the state’s horsemen, the Commission’s director, and its commissioners. Enough fighting, in fact, that lawmakers are threatening to put an end to the Commission for good.

“The situation isn’t working. I just think, where else can you go except start over with a clean slate,” said Representative Shirley Meyer. She echoed the thoughts of many of the representatives.

If the legislation is drawn up, the burden of the work that the Commission was responsible for would be divided between the Attorney General, and the state Agriculture Department.

The Bill would not be introduced until 2009, but representatives gave a stern warning to the Commission ,”to get it together, or it’s over,” said Rep. Jon Nelson.

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