The Baccarat game came to France in the late 18th century and spread from here all over the world.

Baccarat is a 312 card game in which guests play against each other, not against the bank. One party is the banker, the other party is the opponent. It is played around the use of the banker called BANKO, which is determined by him without limit. The house only sets a minimum for each table. The banker has the right to withdraw at any time. The amount that is played is always in front of the croupier who runs the game.

Banker and opponent receive two cards each hidden and can on request still get a third card open. Winner is the one who has the higher point. The highest point is nine, the lowest zero (baccarat). The tens and the pictures count zero, the score of the other cards corresponds to their printed value. If the sum of the points of two or three cards is a two-digit number, only the one is taken into account.

Example: A 7 and a 8 together make 15, score = 5. Winner is the one who has the higher point. Equal points means a tie and the game is played again. At 8 and 9, the cards are turned face up, so the opponent can not draw a third card. This is called Schlagrecht. The right to strike applies to both the banker and the opponent.

The banker can only lose what he has in the bank. Then the next player gets the sled and is banker. The sledge is passed from one place to the next, hence the name Chemin de fer (railway).

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